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Yourbuzz is the new SOCIAL GAME that lets you win coupons, prizes or even cash in exchange for your opinion. Watch the video and you will quickly understand how it works. Thousands of prizes up for grabs for you!!!

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Do not hide behind a finger!

Yourbuzz's mission is to democratize the promotion and advertising on the web, and to do this it wants to reward the users who, in exchange for buzz, comments, tweets and shares receive coupons, prizes or even cash.

Do not hide behind a finger! To date, almost all the product reviews, comments and blogs are somehow managed or sponsored by agencies that develop digital communication. The challenge of Yourbuzz is to give the total power to users and their passions by allowing them to earn coupons, prizes or money in proportion to their social visibility, writing post or tweet that create attention and engage their friends on social networks. And how much of an Influencer are you?

How it works

Playing with YourBuzz is very simple. Select a brand, look at what prizes are up for grabs and how many points are needed to win, do your buzz, engage your friends, earn badges... and win! 

In the "Rewards" section you can always check how far off you are from the target. Remember that rewards are available in a limited number, for the best Buzzers, i.e. those who are the first to reach the required number of points. To accelerate, you can count on badges, bonus points you get for highly viral actions. Always do all the actions through YourBuzz to make them all count.   More details are available by clicking on the "i" in the App.


1. Read the challenge given by the brand to discover the actions that you can take

2. Comment and share content on Social to involve and engage your friends

3. Get  comments and shares from your friends to get the extra points badges

4.Check your points at any time at the APP to get the prize!

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